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The Hudson DEI Alliance is a non-partisan organization committed to transforming all aspects and levels of the Hudson community into a culturally proficient multicultural community that operates from a base of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through a tiered approach of Education, Dialogue, and Action, we empower households, organizations, and institutions to examine and dismantle the behaviors, practices, and policies that sustain institutional and systemic discrimination. By submitting this form the organization commits to promoting these efforts.  The Organization commits to identifying and implementing strategies that drive equitable change in the Hudson community.

Note – Only non-partisan organizations are eligible to become partner organizations (not endorsing any particular candidate, political party or parties).

As a partner organization, the commitment is:

+ Assign a representative to participate in the monthly meetings which are approximately 1.5 hours the 1st Wednesday of each month that has decision making power for the organization.
+ Partner on programs and events of related interest to support each other’s efforts
+ Collaborate on joint statements when appropriate (may include letters in support of DEI related efforts in the Hudson Community, Summit Co., or in Ohio)
+ Participate in the strategic planning process for the organization
+ To help weigh in and advise on programmatic efforts, however, only the Board and Committee members will participate in the final decision.

Once accepted, all partner organizations will:
+ Have their organizational name and logos placed on the Hudson DEI Alliance partner organization page
+ Agree to have their logos and names listed on collaborative project and event materials (these are jointly determined by the organization and the Hudson DEI Alliance)

Submission of this form will be reviewed by the board. A follow-up email will be sent after all forms are reviewed.


Hudson DEI Alliance
Hudson, Ohio

The Hudson DEI Alliance works in collaboration with our educational, business, and faith communities through a fund at the Hudson Community Foundation.

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